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Ham MegaSheet

Ham MegaSheet

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Do you need it?

The Ham Community Ham MegaSheet is a crazy, fun, but extremely useful poster (so we guess that you actually will 'need' one). It contains everything from our MegaPad and more. Almost every square inch is filled with some kind of data or knowledge geared to our amateur radio passion.

The poster is printed on high gloss, 140 lb paper, in full living color. The type is crisp and the illustrations sharp. We can confidently say that there is absolutely no other amateur radio poster than comes close to this one. It is a labor of love designed over years, refined, edited, updated, and as importantly, kept up to date.

Is it big? It is. This poster is 27 inches wide by 39 inches tall. To give you an idea, that is the size of a traditional movie theater poster. So when someone comes into your shack, they will see it, and when they ask you where you got it, we hope that you will tell them. More importantly, we have found that it attracts non-hams to the hobby, especially younger ones. It shows that amateur radio is not an old man's sport but rather a hobby at the cutting edge of technology with continuous innovation.

As with our other printed products, we ship this poster for free, despite the high cost of mailing a solid, heavy gauge cardboard tube designed to keep your poster safe. We also cover any taxes.

And of course, if you get the MegaSheet, think of getting one of our matching pads!

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