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Ham General Band Edges Small Pad (w/call)

Ham General Band Edges Small Pad (w/call)

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Have you ever wanted a very simple band plan that just gives you the band edges? How about if that Band Edges Plan was printed on a very high quality, printed in the USA, mouse pad - with your callsign for the same price!

So yes, this pad is the same price with or without your callsign.

The 'small' size is not tiny, however, It is still  is big! 13.8 x 10.4 in / 35 x 26 cm

This pad is 3mm thick, plush, and, like we said, designed and printed in the USA.

The Band Edges pad includes all the bands:

  • USA Amateur Extra band edges:
    • MF
    • HF
    • VHF
    • UHF
    • SHF
    • EHF

Apparently, it looks great in the shack.

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